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Meet Rufus. Well, his full name is Sir Rufus Maximus to be exact. I know, I know…it is a funny name! It all started when I received his AKC registration papers and noticed that the other dogs in Rufus’ family all had two or three names. So, in keeping with tradition and with some help from my brother and my dad, we came up with the name Sir Rufus Maximus! Anyways, I brought Rufus home when he was just eight weeks old and now that he’s almost seven years old, I still call him my baby.

Oh, the stories I could tell about Rufus and his mischievous ways…like the times he would escape from the house and bolt through the neighborhood. He always loved to be chased and he insisted on making a game of it for hours on end! And we can’t forget the time I was painting the living room and Rufus walked through the paint tray!!! As I was freaking out chasing him and trying to minimize the damage, Rufus took off tracking paint all through the house until he made his way to our bed. Yes, that down comforter still has beige footprints on it! Regardless of all his shenanigans, I cannot begin to explain the amount of love and joy this dog has brought to my life.

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