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So, I recently entered an online contest at Beth Helmstetter’s blog to win a copy of Jose Villa’s first book titled “Fine Art Wedding Photography”. All I had to do was leave a comment on her post about what I think is the most important attribute of a wedding photographer. Then, a winner would be chosen at random from the comments present. After reading through the other comments and thinking hard about my friends’ experiences with their wedding photographers, my own somewhat disappointing and frustrating experience with my wedding photographer and what I would want to offer my clients as a wedding photographer, here is what I came up with:

“The most important attribute of a wedding photographer is love. It’s all about a love for the craft of photography and a love for his or her clients. A love to create excellent photographs, technically speaking, in camera and with some post processing, when necessary. As well as love for the people he or she is photographing and their lives. A love to learn the multitude of stories behind the story to be able to capture as many of the most special moments for their client as possible. A love for being able to capture those exact moments when all the emotions shine through in a split second.”

What do you think? It only took a few minutes for me to formulate, but I am pretty proud of that statement so far. I consider it a work in progress and a starting point for
developing myself and my work as a wedding photographer. I think I will print it out on a huge piece of paper and hang it up where I can see it all the time. I will leave notes and make adjustments so that it can evolve with me on my journey. And when the time is right, I will share with you a fresh and refined version of this statement.


jennifer squires said...

Well said! I definitely think it should be your inspiration going forward. I'd even keep a copy folded up in my camera bag to keep me going on those days when I'm lost. Good luck!

Jennifer said...

Good luck! Hope you win! He is an amazing photographer! Wish you the best in your photography business in the future!

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