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Meet Andrea. She and I became friends through a mutual friend and we both share a love for photography. Andrea recently rescued an Australian Shepherd puppy and her name is Willow.

We all met at Holcomb Gardens near the waterfall for some photos on one of the few evenings when the rain had subsided lately. It was a pretty interesting evening, to say the least, because I had just lost my voice and was battling an ear infection. But Andrea and I had been rescheduling this shoot due to rain for almost a month and I didn’t want her to have to wait any longer.

Willow and I became instant friends that night. Although, who would not be instant friends with this adorable pup? We had a great time and Willow even took a little swim before the evening was over.

Willow is a playful and curious little darling who is still learning her puppy training commands. Have no fear… Andrea came prepared with toys and treats to ensure cooperation as Willow does seem easily distracted by new friends (dogs and humans) and cars passing by. It was a fun evening and I enjoyed getting to finally meet Willow. Thanks Andrea!

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