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Last week Rufus got to celebrate his 7th Birthday! I was so excited…I left work early and took him for a car ride (which he loves) and then a quick walk through Broad Ripple to the Three Dog Bakery for some birthday treats before heading back home.

And of course, we got some treats for Gigi too! Since we adopted Gigi and we never really knew when her birthday was, we have always just celebrated it on the same day as Rufus’.

So there we were, party hat and all, just livin’ it up! Happy Birthday puppies! Rufus and Gigi devoured their treats so fast that even though I tried to snap a few pictures, I couldn’t quite catch any. I remember watching through the viewfinder as Rufus ate his “pupcake” in one bite! I did get a couple of cute photos of the doggies in their party hat though!

I think this might be my favorite picture from the entire day! Rufus was wearing the party hat looking at me like, "Aww, Mom!?! I can't believe you're making me wear this stupid hat!?!" 
It just cracks me up every time!

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