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Over the past couple years I have wanted to become more involved at church. So I was very excited and honored when my friend and fellow parish member and Religious Education Director, Alexa, asked if I would photograph the Easter Vigil this year. I was so excited and nervous!!! Since that night I have debated about whether or not to blog about my experience since I was attending as a parish member as well as a photographer, but I ultimately decided that I should share a little bit of my story.

This image is from the beginning of the service which was in candlelight. One of the main reasons that I loved attending the Easter Vigil is because I wanted to pass along, to the new members entering the church this year, the great feelings of support and acceptance that Dan and I felt at our first Easter Vigil last year. I must admit that with so many special life-changing moments taking place right in front of us, it was a lot for me to process. So during the service as with most church services, I experienced overwhelming moments of love and appreciation for God and everyone in my life. Even though I had never met the people being baptized, it took all I had to hold back my tears of joy for them and their families.

The evening was beautiful and magical and I photographed what I could while being discreet and respectful.  I am so very thankful to have shared in it with our parish community.

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