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A couple months ago when Dan & I had a Sunday free, we packed up the dogs in my car, picked up my brother and headed down to my parents’ cabin in Brown County. We usually go for the entire weekend rather than just making the trip for the day, but it was the only time we had available and I didn’t want to pass it up. Going to the cabin is always such a nice and relaxing diversion… the dogs can run free through the woods, there are no schedules or expectations and at least one of us always ends up taking a nap.

Rufus and Gigi just can’t get enough of all the freedom whenever we are at the cabin! They will run and play outside as long as we let them! Later in the afternoon, Dan practiced his archery while I worked on my photography. 

Later, we packed up the dogs in the car and headed toward the end of the driveway where it levels off at the top of the hill so that Jonny could get a clear 100 yard run at sighting in his one of his rifles.

Before the day was over, we ended up having a few beers and relaxing inside to cool off. For those of you who were wondering… we did the shooting first and the drinking after. Safety first! The dogs enjoyed their rawhide treats and I think this was the point when Dan took a nap. Although it went by too fast, I am still thankful for that day of rest at the family cabin!

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Alli said...

Headed to my parents' Brown County house this weekend, can't wait! :)

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