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Thanksgiving weekend seems to be a popular time to break out the Christmas decorations. So, after recovering from our Black Friday adventures, Dan and I did just that! We sorted through storage boxes in the basement in search of lights, ornaments and more. And this year’s tree trimming was on par with the past few years…Dan helped drag out the storage boxes while I put the lights on our Christmas tree from Habig Garden Shop. He then proceeded to open every wrapped ornament in the box leaving tissue paper all over the couch and the floor. As we started hanging Christmas ornaments on the tree together, Dan seemed easily distracted. And before I knew it he was watching me from the couch while dozing in and out of a nap or “supervising” as he likes to call it. And in keeping with tradition, I insisted that he help me finish decorating!?! Thankfully before you could say, “Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle!” he was done “resting his eyes” and we were finishing our tree trimming tradition. Here’s a sneak preview…enjoy!

Happy Holidays!

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