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This year, I was lucky enough to participate in a wonderful charity event to help Veterans in the Indianapolis area. The event, Help-Portrait Indy, is actually part of a worldwide effort in which photographers and other professionals volunteer their time and talent to give less fortunate families something they might not otherwise be able to afford… family portraits.  Help-Portrait is held on the second Saturday in December every year. Basically, each family attending the event is photographed and then has the chance to review and choose their favorite images for printing, right there on the spot! How fantastic is that!?! I was so excited for Help-Portrait that I ended up baking about six dozen sugar cookies the night before for the families and volunteers attending.
When I arrived at the HVAF (Homeless Veterans Assistance Foundation) in downtown Indy, I handed off my platters of cookies to a volunteer, slapped a nametag on and rushed over to my assigned portrait station. There were people everywhere and the backdrops and lighting were already setup, but as this was my first Help-Portrait event I still was not sure what to expect. Although I have an on-camera flash other than the pop-up flash that comes on the camera, I had never used an entire setup of studio lighting before that day and didn’t have a clue of what I was doing. Thankfully, the professional photographer already at that station, Lois Talley of Photography by Lois, was gracious enough to walk me through it and help me get setup on the lighting. She was a lifesaver! My images from that lighting setup looked amazing!!! And among others, I also met Nate Crouch of Nate Crouch Photography who was there to volunteer his time and photography talent.
If you're wondering where the pictures are, they are with the families who attended the event. As noted on the Help-Portrait website, "this event is about GIVING the pictures, not taking them." The whole experience of being able to give back in this way was overwhelmingly uplifting and heartwarming for me. I loved seeing the groups of families smiling and enjoying themselves. I definitely got back more than I gave that day. ~

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Nate Crouch said...

Just saw this post, very cool day for sure. I stopped by the last help portrait and saw them in full swing.

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