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Wow! I can definitely say that 2012 has started off with a bang so far!!! I have been delightfully busy with new and ongoing photography projects, but before we get to that I would like to take a moment to look back and appreciate the past year in all its glory and some gloom. This post might seem a bit late as a reflection on 2011, but I still want to share.

January 2011 started off with an amazing trip to St. Lucia with Dan for our Honeymoon. In February we experienced that dreadful ice storm which had me trapped inside for fear of busting my booty.  lol  I did manage to finally venture out to capture some lovely images of the snow and ice. Later that month, my heart was broken when my Boxer, Rufus, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I was crushed…completely devastated, but I tried to remain hopeful. So in March we started chemo treatments for Rufus and his body responded well within a short period of time. Later that month Dan and I took Rufus to meet with our Priest, Father Jim, who lovingly blessed Rufus with Holy Water at our parish, St. Pius X. Later in March, my Mom & Dad celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary! I am so happy for them! Also in March, I took Rufus and Gigi on a mini road-trip to Akron, Ohio for a workshop as part of the Akron Photo Series where I got to meet Jasmine Star. In April Dan & I started searching for a new house while continuing to finish miscellaneous projects on his house. We were also lucky enough to make a trip to the cabin with Rufus, which was one of his favorite places to go. At the end of April our little family was lucky enough to celebrate Rufus’ 7th Birthday!!! I am so happy that his health had improved and we were able to have that special memory together!  Of course I had to spoil him!?! So, I scheduled that afternoon off work and took Rufus to the Dog Bakery in Broad Ripple for some yummy puppy treats.

By May of 2011, Dan’s work had picked up so we tried to make the most of our weekends together when he was home. At that point I was immersed in studying photography and had already started taking weeknight classes again. Later in May, I was lucky enough to assist at a wedding for one of my instructors, Artistic Expressions by Karen and Rachel. By early June, Dan & I were finally ready to list his house for sale. Thankfully, Rufus was still doing well with chemo treatments and blood work checkups. Every day when I got home from work with Rufus there to greet me excitedly, my heart skipped a beat and overflowed with love for my adorable puppy dog. By July we sold Dan’s house and thankfully found a new house just in time! Dan and I spent most of August moving in, working on the new house, unpacking and organizing. By September, Dan’s old truck was giving him trouble and we decided it best to trade in while the old F-150 was still running. And even though Dan had sworn “no dogs in my new truck”, he was so sweet when he put a blanket in the back for Rufus to lie on as we rode to the Heart Walk in downtown Indy.

October was bittersweet in so many ways. Even though Rufus had been doing so well with his chemo treatments all spring and summer, the cancer started to come back and my fear became reality. I had to say goodbye to my beloved puppy dog. In the days before Rufus passed on to heaven, I spent most of my time with him. Dan had moved our mattress downstairs to the sunroom about a month before so that Rufus didn’t have to climb the stairs and I didn’t have to sleep on the couch. So our little family had sleepovers every night in that sunroom with Dan and Rufus cuddled close on either side of me all night long and with Gigi somewhere near our feet. When it was time to say goodbye, our Veterinarian came to the house and with love and respect he helped take away Rufus’ pain. As difficult as it was for me, I know Rufus is in a better place and I know I’ll see him again someday. I love him still, just as much as I ever did and I just try to remember all the happy memories we shared and the wonderfully amazing, loving lifestyle that I was able to give him.

Shortly after we said goodbye to Rufus, it was time for Dan and me to celebrate our 1st Wedding Anniversary. Although I had dreamed of celebrating by taking another exotic vacation, we agreed that this anniversary might be best spent quietly at home together. So we did just that. We relaxed and enjoyed each other.  I had intended to come up with some type of glorious and creative gift for our “paper anniversary”, but I ran out of time and I was at a loss for ideas. Realizing that I just was not going to have the time to get too crafty, I opted for the creative approach and settled on planting a Paper Bark Maple Tree at our new house as an anniversary gift. Get it? “Paper Anniversary”…“Paper Bark Maple”…genius, I know.  ; )

By November I realized that it would be best for me to keep busy as a distraction from the constant ache in my heart from losing Rufus. So, I had to get back to work… on the house, on my photography, on work, on spoiling Gigi and being so thankful for her love and anything else I could think of to keep me from getting into a rut. As part of taking classes again and pushing forward to excel at my photography, I purchased my first iMac. This computer is nothing short of fabulous, working at incredible speeds with tremendous image quality and clarity. Let’s just say, I love it! Then, in December I was able to take part in a great volunteer opportunity called Help-Portrait Indy. Shortly thereafter, Dan surprised me with an early Christmas present; a Canon L-Series (pro) lens!!! As you can imagine, I was thrilled with such a gift and its been on my camera ever since! Of course, Dan and I finished out the year in the company of good friends and family as always.

So there you have it… the abridged version of my story from 2011.   : )  I would also like to take this chance pass along a “thank you” to everyone who supported my photographic endeavors throughout 2011… especially those who have invested in my work and those who have mentored me along the way.  I sincerely appreciate your encouragement and reassurance, which helps to remind me “I can do this”! 

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